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Magic Sports Flooring System


Magic sports flooring is a form of easier laying of flooring. With a special design that locks its sides together, they lock tightly enough to form a solid surface. Now I will take everyone to better understand the magic sports floor.

Raw material

  • Realize the compounding of two or more materials with different performances, abandon the single application of a single material, break through the technical bottleneck and lead the world in technology.
  • Choose soft rubber as the contact surface of the human body to protect human skin and bones from damage to the greatest extent. The rigid PP (5) as a support and connection structure can provide a strong pressure-bearing capacity and repeatedly withstand hundreds of millions of steps, and at the same time ensure a firm and stable connection between the buckles.
  • In-depth modification of hard PP (5) to achieve the globally recognized minimum shrinkage ratio, and high precision mold clamping products, the shrinkage ratio is only 1: 1.13 (global average data 1: 1.2), to ensure that the size of each finished product is consistent, and achieve the ultra-large-scale site installation accuracy.

Product advantages

Using imported luminous additives, the luminous efficiency can reach 5-15 hours / day.The luminous efficiency lasts for 5 years.

  • The rubber is heated to a liquid state and flows evenly through the hard pp (5), and then shaped and cooled to make the materials adsorb and fuse with each other; the bottom rubber is designed as a cylindrical contact surface, which can bring excellent shock absorption when doing sports on the surface. The hard PP (5) provides excellent resilience, allowing athletes to feel the best, while rubber has strong friction against the ground to effectively prevent any migration. At the same time, rubber has ultra-high abrasion resistance, and the abrasion resistance index is as high as 340 (Same as tire wear index).
  • The materials are solid and durable, and the product weight is more than double that of similar products. Overweight product is not easily affected by stress, and its own gravity cooperates with the bottom rubber sucker to enhance the adsorption force. The entire field site is well-fixed and no natural displacement occurs; the product itself has good stability and avoids the usability problems caused by changes in the external environment to the greatest extent.

  • The unique "Tian" shape design with fast drainage is more suitable for the friction coefficient required by human body movement. The design height is 17.5 mm to avoid submersion under heavy rain to cause the shoes to soak due to people dripping. The vent holes of the panel are uniform, densely arranged, and there are more than 250 vent holes. The mold making process is strict and belongs to the top technology (the conventional number is less than 100). The venting holes have multiple functions, such as water drainage in rainy days; treading will not spill to soak the trousers; help with the pressure relieve under high temperature to make sure no bulge on the surface.
  • The color of a single panel breaks through 2 or more, which can realize complex patterns and high fidelity. Relying on the luminous effect at night, the picture is vivid and the aesthetic effect is excellent. The personalized design of the product is very prominent.
  • The negative oxygen ion of the product releases greater than 20000(ions/cm3); exercise can increase the negative oxygen ions in the environment, which helps players to reduce fatigue and get rid of fatigue quickly.
  • Adopting the automobile headlamp molding making process, the mold is more accurate, and the  value of error is less than 1/10000.
  • Abandon the hollow panel design, use solid panel to change the audio to reduce noise and produce comfortable sound effect
  • Designed to add anti-static effect, the product can effectively eliminate static electricity, so it will not produce electrostatic hazards during exercise; because it is anti-static, the rubber will not absorb dust, therefore the dirt resistance of rubber is also improved.


Scope of Application

Sports fields indoor&outdoor: basketball courts, badminton courts, fitness trails, running track, and other sports surfaces.