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The Drainage Plate

The  Drainage  Plate

Product Structure

This product realizes split installation and consists of a combination of upper and lower parts, so these two components can be used as independent individuals to realize multifunctional applications.

Product Advantage

  • The drainage function: maximize drainage to ensure that the site does not accumulate water on rainy days and can be used normally. It can be used all-weather, the northern weather becomes cold, plastic products will harden, rubber will not harden, it is easier to provide protection in winter.
  • Shock absorption function: It is neither very soft, so that athletes feel weak in exercise, nor too hard to lose the impact absorption protection.
  • Very long service life: 15 years.
  • Environmental protection and safety: realizing recycling by manufacturers, no waste of resources,  real green production, and sustainable production.
  • No deformation, easy construction, as ordinary people can complete installation while saving the labor costs.
  • It works well with the non-filling artificial turf system.


Beijing Jingshan Primary School

Shandong Experimental Kindergarten