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Eco-friendly Infill

Our rubber infill granule produced with professional process in uniform size, full color,  and without dust.

Product Advantages

Good Environmental Performance- A new eco-friendly polymer product
Good Recyclability-  Good value of the recycling.
High Stability- Stable infill system can guarantee the stability of the foot trampling and running of the athletes, which is comparable to a good natural soccer pitch.
Excellent Shock Absorbing- Provide excellent ball rebound just as if it were in natural grass
Good Protection- Protect players from scratches or abrasions.
High Temperature Resistance- Without overheating the space at high temperature, and it makes the ground temperature lower than that with the traditional rubber infills.
UV-Resistant-  Excellent resistance to UV, slowing down the aging, which helps the pitch with a longer service life.
Low Bulk Density- Reduce the bulk density and the overall costs.
Good Coloring- Color can be customized making.
Solvent and Oil Resistance- Good oil resistance and corrosion resistance.