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About Us

Company Introduction

Changzhou Taihui Sports Material Co.,Ltd located in Changzhou City Wujin hi-tech development zone, is a high-tech enterprises dedicated to R&D and sales of polymer materials. The company has a professional technical team, strong research and development capabilities, relying on the Sichuan University and Changzhou university town, and good relations of cooperation between schools and enterprises has been established.

We always adhere to the belief that the product quality is the best solution. Now, more than ever, we insist on innovation to provide customers with the best quality service.

With the development of sports industry in recent years, artificial turf industry has also made rapid progress. With the improvement of requirements for the product quality , the existing site is not sufficient to meet people's requirements, in this case, environmental protection and elastic infill granule and shock pad came into being.


TAIHUI is committed to serve the global market, who is undoubtedly the most advanced plant among the industry.

•Modern logistics system

•Strict purchasing control

•Secure storage environment

•Extensive capabilities

Professional production line

•First-class environment

•Automatic packing production line

TAIHUI has been dedicated to the integration of efficiency for all aspects, and every customer is guaranteed to be provided with high quality products at reasonable prices.


TAIHUI has advanced polymer materials laboratory in science and education city, excellent research and development team is committed to developing a new product line. TAIHUI has always been committed to designing the most advanced solutions for different sports with the global celebrities in the sports industry.

TAIHUI always keep communication with the Football Association and the professional clubs, because they can provide the correct judgment and professional feedback for the production development in the right direction.