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Why Use a Shock Pad?

As the turf industry has grown and evolved over the years, so have the consumer’s expectations. Consumers want more realistic-looking grass fibers, environmentally-safe infill options and a safe surface to complement their outdoor living lifestyle.

Shock pads are considered as one of the most important components of a complete artificial turf system. Shock pads, when combined with high-quality turf and non-compacting infill such as TPE, will add comfort to the user, prolong the life of the synthetic turf and add a layer of cushion during those backyard football games. In this post, we will highlight the main benefits that shock pads provide for landscape and playground turf systems.

A shock pad is a middle layer of padding installed between the sub-base layer and the layer of artificial turf. Shock pads (not to be confused with rigid, plastic drainage layers) are made from different types of foam with varying thicknesses. Our pads vary in thickness between 5mm and 100mm and are designed to let water pass vertically and horizontally. Depending on site conditions, you may select for TAIHUI pad with vertical and horizontal drainage. All of the pads offered by TAIHUI are made from closed-cell foam and do not absorb moisture. Non-absorbing pads are essentially required if you have a dog.

Like the pad under the carpet in your home, shock pads can increase the comfort of an artificial turf and extend the life of the turf. It has the added benefit of preventing injury during those backyard football games and recreational sports.

Our Shock Pads improve play-ability and keep the Fall Height consistent.

Shock pads installed on a solid base make an artificial turf surface uniformly stable throughout the lawn or playground, regardless of temperature and weather conditions.  This allows kids, rough-housing teenagers, and even dogs an even playing surface throughout the year, regardless of the activity. Pads also provide a fall height consistency throughout the surface, allowing children to play with confidence. For more information on safe playground fall height standards. A well-designed system with pad, infill and turf make it possible for kids and pets to enjoy the artificial turf right after a heavy rainstorm. This means children will have less reasons to stay indoors and more reasons to get off the couch and go have some fun!

Our Shock Pads Prevent Injury

Shock pads are made with safety in mind; they are made to absorb the shock of an impact, creating a safer surface for all types of play. When shock pads are a part of a turf system, impacts are reduced and the likelihood of concussion or a brain related injury is reduced. Turf and pad systems can reach critical fall heights up to 4 meters.