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Never give up to create the miracles--- Our Mamba spirit!

The 38th China International Sports Expo came to a successful curtain call. TAIHUI booth was crowded with people, it was so lively! Our new product---Magic Sports Floor, had been widely concerned and recognized by the industry once it was unveiled. The enthusiasm of the audience was high, and they kept consulting and understanding the features and functions of the products from our sales team. Their meticulous, patient and professional answer won the favor and praise of the audience.

Magic Sports Floor System

This giant Kobe head portrait was 6 meters high. It was made of more than 20,000 pieces of mini-magic floors with a shrink ratio of 1:16. The company’s technicians and production staff had gone through many times repeated debugging and stitching one piece by one piece according to the combination of several color blocks. The giant "Kobe" had condensed the hard work and sweat of many staffs, which submitted a satisfactory answer sheet for the new and old customers on the fair.

The magic sports floor vividly shew the highlights of the product's personalized customization. Whether it is used as a ball sports venue or a multi-purpose venue such as a kindergarten, fitness trail, etc., there is always a design that will thrill you and make your venue stand out, exuding a different kind of charm.

The basketball experience area was specially opened on the scene to attract the audience to actively participate. While activating the atmosphere of the scene, it also allowed customers to experience the product performance of the magic sports floor firsthand, and deepened their understanding of the product.

The Mamba spirit means "never retreat, never give up, never escape, to endure humiliation, and to create miracles in difficulties". TAIHUI team will continue to carry forward the Mamba spirit, never give up, insist on innovation, and contribute its own strength to sports industry worldwide.